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Home Staging

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When you have to sell or rent a property, the ideal is to do it as soon as possible. And that is greatly influenced by the appearance of the house or apartment. Therefore, it is ideal that the real estate agent knows the home staging technique. A job consists of decorating and preparing the property so that the client who is visiting it feels like they are visiting the home of their dreams.

Realizing the home’s full potential will turn visits into sales much faster. It has been proven that there are a few occasions in which attempts are made to reduce the sales price excessively. For this reason, many agents have decided to train in this technique, although we have specialists in the sector in major real estate agencies, such as Banker & House.

Management functions

It is dedicated to carrying out all the paperwork in any operation regarding the real estate or real estate market. From preparing any contract: exclusivity, deposit, purchase-sale or rental, etc. Until you formally present your clients’ offers. Make personal property inventories in rental agreements for furnished apartments or write conditions in rental contracts with the option to buy.

A real estate agent can also help their clients with the part of the tax settlement, the paperwork before the notary, or the Land Registry. Or be a mediator between communities and owners. And for all this, you must know many subjects. For example:

Drafting of purchase-sale, deposit, and rental contracts.

Knowledge of tax law and tax payment.

Regulations on leasing and sale of urban and rural properties.


However, in major real estate agencies, there will always be professionals specialized in legislation, taxation, etc. That will support the work of the real estate sellers of said agency.


In addition, you will have to manage your time to carry out the activities that were part of the other facet we discussed. The commercial function. You must know how to manage appointments and conversations with your clients… And solve any problem in each of the businesses you have in hand.

Real estate sales

Real estate sales have great relevance to the development of the economy in a macro sense. The strength of the real estate sector often reflects a formidable management of a country’s economy. It is important that you analyze which real estate franchises provide the greatest and best service since it guarantees success and profitability for your business.

The Resilience of Singapore's Real Estate Market

Singapore’s real estate market has demonstrated remarkable resilience over the years. Despite economic fluctuations and global challenges, property values have remained stable, making it an attractive destination for long-term investments.

The Impact of Technology And Sustainability

The real estate industry in Singapore is not immune to global trends, and technology and sustainability are at the forefront of change. Smart homes equipped with cutting-edge automation systems are becoming increasingly popular. 

Real estate prospecting:

As we mentioned before, some certain areas or neighborhoods have become fashionable. Either because of the quality of its constructions, the services it presents, or the proximity to certain facilities or cities… In these cases, the real estate broker knows that there is a high demand for homes in that sector and that having one there is to have an almost certain sale.

Therefore, one of the things that real estate agents do is search for homes, becoming well-informed about the aspects of each neighborhood. And enhance each sector has possibilities, depending on the client they encounter.