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Real Estate Company

A real estate company is a commercial entity dedicated precisely to real estate.

Characteristics of a Real Estate

There are some characteristics that all truly good real estate agencies have.

Effective communication

They have very effective communication and dissemination channels.

Real estate agency

The staff of every real estate agency includes lawyers who are experts in the real estate area to address any legal situation that a client has with a property.

A wide portfolio of clients

They possess a wide portfolio of clients and contacts to whom they can offer lower priced new launch 2024 options such as Pinetree Hill, which are projected to yield high returns in the current Singapore property market.

Property appraisal:

In this process, the company’s advice comes into play because clients often have planned figures different from the market.




How does a real estate company work?

Although each real estate company has a different commercial structure, their market demands a standardized business model.


The first action that a real estate agency must take on a new project, whether it is a sale, purchase, advice or whatever, is the client contact.

Agreement and promotion:

Once the clients and the real estate agency reach an agreement on the valuation of a property.

Guided tours:

Especially when someone wants to sell their properties through a real estate company, they must authorize an agent to visit.

Investment is profitable.

They advise clients who want to invest their capital in real estate but need help knowing where to invest their money to make the investment profitable.

Real estate plan

Real Estate Latitude

This company, specializing in the real estate business, is focused on educating its clients, and it does it in the best way: through its own YouTube channel, where it exposes topics of general interest for those who want to invest in a property and have doubts about how to do it.

Movableand Immovable Property

Movable property is considered an accessory or complementary part of real estate. For example, the furniture inside a house is part of the furniture and can be sold or moved separately from the property itself.


On the other hand, real estate is a fixed property that can only be moved without causing major damage or alteration to the structure, such as a house, building, land, or business premises. These assets are considered part of the land, and specific laws protect their ownership.

In short, real and personal property are categories used to differentiate between those assets that can be moved and fixed in one place. Movable property is easily transferable, while real estate requires legal and technical procedures for its transfer. Both types of goods have different characteristics and valuations in the market.

Identify your target customer.

At what point in the buying (or selling) phase are you? 

Doris Brown

Any aspect that helps you connect directly with the prospect at the best time and with the most appropriate content will be useful. 

Real estate marketing

A real estate CRM

A free real estate CRM like HubSpot’s will help you adapt to the new trends in the real estate market.